Laser cleaning machine

High energy, low pollution and simple operation are the characters of Junyi Laser cleaning machine, which could effectively clean the rust, paint and oil stains.

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  • Production cycle 15-30 working days
  • Departure port Ningbo
  • Certification CE/Apperance Patent

Zhejiang Junyi Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

We are committed to provide the most effective solution plan and product for all the consumers who always support us. We embrace innovative mindset and advanced technology, so as to boost the development of each consumer by providing the most stable machine.


Model JY-QX1000/1500/2000
Laser power 1000W/1500W/2000W
Wavelength of laser 1064nm
Repeat frequency 20-200khz
Scan width 10-200mm
Overall size 1055*620*1090mm
Weight 190KG


Flexible usage

Flexible and diverse usage of this machine is one of the advantages of this machine, because it has a compact design and intelligent operation platform.

Ergonomic design

The whole machine adopts ergonomic design, which conforms to the operating habits of most people, and can easily remove rust and oil stains with little environmental pollution.

Simple platform

The parameter setting of the control platform is simple, and the upper limit of a number of parameters has been set before leaving the factory, and the equipment will not be damaged if you change it at will.

Stable laser generator

The equipment is equipped with domestic first-line brand lasers, with high photoelectric conversion rate and stable light output, which can effectively ensure long-term work.

Water cooling method

Water cooling method could cool down the equipment, prolong the service life of the main components.

Handheld operation design

The handheld lightweight design improves product utilization and is suitable for multi-angle and complex work piece cleaning application scenarios.

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Laser cleaning machine

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