VF-6025H Fiber laser cutting machine

VF6025H fiber laser cutting machine is a dual drive high power laser cutting machine designed to meet the high demands of the metal processing industry. This fiber laser machine comes with two ultra-large exchange tables which enable quick changing of the metal sheets within 25 seconds. Fully protected enclosure ensures operator safety and the cleanliness of working area, realizing virtually green and environmentally friendly production process.

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  • Production cycle 15-30 working days
  • Departure port Ningbo
  • Certification CE/Apperance Patent

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Working area (L*W) 6000*2500mm*2
Laser power 6000W/8000W/12000W
Positioning accuracy ±0.05 mm/m
Repositioning accuracy ±0.03 mm/m
Max speed 150000 mm/min
Dimensions (L*W*H) 14578*3000*2380 mm


Anti-reflective Laser Generator

With electro-optical conversion efficiency of over 30%, the fiber laser source empowers laser cutting machine to process highly reflective materials, especially continuous processing of highly reflective aluminum plate.

Multi-cell Suction System

Multi-cell suction system absorbs the dust generated during the laser cutting process, offering high-efficiency dust extraction up to 75% (approx. 30% in general).

Aviation aluminum beam

High rigidity lightweight aviation aluminum beam has a higher strength against bending and torsion, with natural frequency increased by 15%.

Flexible Configuration

High efficiency BUS control method is optional, servo motor alarm has upload function, and the alarm definition will be displayed in Chinese and English via screen, this technical support makes service easier.

Automatic edge seeking function

The fiber laser cutting machine has automatic edge seeking function. Coupled with computer software, the camera automatically detects sheet edges and precisely compensates the slight distortion of metal sheet.

Center Console Design

The laser machine is designed with simplified process as no longer need to return to the front side of the cutting machine to perform operation after loading or unloading of sheet metals, helping operator implementing lean management in metalworking process right from the beginning and greatly saving operation time.

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VF-6025H Fiber laser cutting machine

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