The equipment is designed as a green production tool, which equipped with the dust remove device, so as to reduce the dust and gas and protect the workers. It has dual function in processing both metal sheet and tube, it could save the space in your factory and satisfy with your requirement within the budget.

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  • Production cycle 15-30 working days
  • Departure port Ningbo
  • Certification CE/Apperance Patent

Zhejiang Junyi Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

We are committed to provide the most effective solution plan and product for all the consumers who always support us. We embrace innovative mindset and advanced technology, so as to boost the development of each consumer by providing the most stable machine.


Working area (L*W) 3000*1500mm*2(sheet) 6000mm(pipe)
Laser power 1500W/2000W/3000W
Positioning accuracy ±0.05 mm/m
Repositioning accuracy ±0.03 mm/m
Max speed 120000 mm/min
Dimensions (L*W*H) 8250*3290*2200 mm


Effective Working Area

The sheet processing area is 3000*1500mm*2, while the tube cutting area is 6000mm.Automatic dual clamps could handle different kinds of metal tubes, like square tube, round tube from 10mm to 220mm diameters.

Equipment Highlights

With the help of reasonable configuration, it could process different materials with fast speed and great stability, you could improve the working efficiency.

Ejector Device

At the beginning of the design, the risk of easy scratching of the metal sheet is taken into consideration, and the plate is supported by the top support method, which is convenient to operate and effectively protects the surface of the plate.

Universal Wheel

The side of the bed is equipped with a universal wheel ball design, which is convenient for loading and unloading of the plate, saving time and cost, and maximizing the protection of the surface of the plate.

Independent electric control cabinet

Independent electric control cabinet design, the cooling system could protect the circuit components and laser generator. And the emergency stop can effectively respond to emergency situations and protect the safety of operators.

Rubber limit device

The rubber limit device ensures the safety of the equipment's processing stroke and prevents collisions or excessive operation.

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