VF60G fiber laser tube cutting machine is a versatile and productive solution for cutting and hole making on square tubes, rectangular tubes, round tubes, oval tubes and profiles. Available in laser power ranging between 1000W and 3000W and configured with high precision digital chucks, this laser tube cutting machine can load a single tube up to 800kg in weight, therefore providing a higher yield for metal fabricators.

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  • Production cycle 15-30 working days
  • Departure port Ningbo
  • Certification CE/Apperance Patent

Zhejiang Junyi Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Max finished tube length 6000mm
Max unprocessed tube for loading 100-6100mm
Cutting diameter Square/rectangular tube: 10-160mm
Round tube 15-220mm
Max speed ≤110m/min
Chuck size 120/220/350mm
Max load (single tube) 170/300/800KG
Max rotation speed of ABC axis 110rpm


Tube support device

Tube support device can withstand single tube weight up to 300kg or 800kg depending on the type of chucks used in this fiber laser cutting machine, heavy metal tubes can be processed efficiently without loosening or slipping.

BUS real-time control system

Based on the BUS real-time control system, the efficient and precise cutting can be achieved by compensation of cutting precision and rotation precision.

Diverse cutting capacity

This laser tube cutting machine can manufacture intersecting holes of different diameters and different directions on the main tube.

Powerful Control System

A broad set of cutting data is pre-stored on the metal tube cutting machine, the data can be called through one click to achieve intelligent production. The unloading unit has an inclined surface for automatic collection of finished tubes.

Precise Chuck Device

Double automatic chucks are featured by rated rotation speed of 110rpm which is threefold that of ordinary electric chucks. They have the functions of one-key clamping with constant clamping force, providing non-destructive tube clamping without distortion.

Wide Processing Range

Characterized by wide processing range, this laser tube cutting machine can process round tubes with diameter rang of 15mm-220mm/350mm, and 2D cutting of a variety of special profile tubes, steel channels, H shaped profiles, etc.

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