What are the main aspects of the high performance of metal laser cutting machines?

  • By Junyilaser
  • Mar 18, 2022
Many bosses have known that they have a lot of performance and advantages after using the laser cutting machine. The processing effect is relatively high, and generally will not disappoint users, but for those who have not purchased or used metal laser cutting machines. It is not very clear what the advantages of the laser cutting machine are, and then I will introduce it to you.

Cutting sample

Cutting sample
What are the performance advantages of metal laser cutting machines?

1, advanced cutting technology

The cutting principle of this new fiber laser cutting machine is a high-performance laser cutter. During the cutting process, the laser emits numerous high-performance, high-energy laser rays, and the huge energy generated by these laser rays. The cut surface can be vaporized in an instant, so that a very hard interface can be easily removed. At present, this process is also a state-of-the-art cutting process. No other cutting process can surpass it. Moreover, this cutting process is very fast during the cutting process, and it can cut the very thick steel plate easily and cut it in an instant. The accuracy is also very accurate, the cutting cross-section accuracy can reach a few millimeters, which can meet some high-demand cutting requirements.

2, the operation of the machine is simple

In the process of using the laser cutting machine, all information transmission and energy transmission are transmitted through the optical fiber. The biggest advantage of transmitting in this way is that it saves a lot of manpower and material resources, and will not be transmitted during the transmission process. Produce any phenomenon of optical path leakage. And without the need to make any adjustments to the optical path before using the device, it is easy to transfer energy to the laser.

3, the performance of cutting is stable

This kind of laser cutter is used in the process of cutting, which uses the best laser in the country. The life of this laser will last for several years, and it will hardly produce any in addition to human factors in the process of use. The failure of the system itself, so even if this laser cutting machine is under long working pressure, it will not produce any vibration or other adverse effects.

3000W carbon steel stainless steel laser cutting machine

3000W carbon steel stainless steel laser cutting machine
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