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Junyi Laser is a professional fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer. It mainly produces 500W-3000W metal laser cutting machine. Its application fields include sheet metal processing, machinery manufacturing, kitchen utensils production and other industries. 
After years of development and accumulation, Junyi Laser has a 20,000 square meter equipment manufacturing plant, multiple sets of precision machining equipment, and hundreds of highly qualified employees with professional skills. The equipment is exported overseas and has A good reputation.
In order to serve the overseas market more conveniently, Junyi Laser is looking for high-quality overseas agents, and also can accept OEM/ODM and provide customers with products suitable for themselves.
The core competitiveness of Junyi Laser:
1. High quality with resonable price 
2. Fast delivery;
3.Accept OEM / ODM;
4. Professional after-sales technical support.
Equipment advantages of Junyi Laser:
1. Junyi has professional manufacturing equipment, our machine tools from sheet metal to finished products are own processing, from the source to ensure the quality of equipment;
2. The parts we use are world famous brands;
3. Our entire production line is green and environmentally friendly.
A good agent guarantees the sales volume of the manufacturer's products as well as the brand reputation of the manufacturer; a good manufacturer guarantees the supply of goods and the after-sales service of the product.
Mutual benefit, Junyi Laser is looking forward to working with you!
Tel.: +86 18157476272
Zhejiang Operation Center: A3#11-1, No. 15, Lane 587, Juxian Road, High-tech Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Zhejiang Production Base: No. 1, Lingxu Second Road, Cixi, Zhejiang, China


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Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine, Laser Metal Cutting Machine Manufacturer | Junyi Laser Equipment
Building A3 11-1,No.15, Alley 587
Juxian Road, High Tech District, Ningbo 
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