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What should we pay attention to when laser cutting rusted materials?

When the fiber laser cutting machine cuts the rusted plate, it often finds that the plate will rust, especially in the south, it is relatively humid, and the carbon steel plate is more likely to rust, then the fiber laser cutting machine is cutting rust. What should you pay attention to when making materials?
From the cutting principle of the laser cutting machine, the laser itself cannot be a light source, and the laser will generate heat after being absorbed on the surface of the processing element. In the case of rust or rust-free materials, the laser absorption is not the same, and the heat generation will be greatly affected. Generally, cutting the rusted coffin will have the following effects.
1. When the rust plate is cut, the efficiency will be reduced, the effect will be relatively poor, and the scrap rate will be higher. If conditions permit, reduce the use of rusted plates, or use the rust plate after use.
2, the biggest damage is actually punching and laser cutting, it will explode when processing, causing pollution to the lens, you can use the grinding machine to do rust first, if the plate is not thick plate, the impact below 5MM is not big, but the quality of the cut product There will be an impact and the rate of failure will be high.
3. The cutting condition of the plate which is cut uniformly and evenly rusted is better than that of the uneven rusted plate. Since the overall uniform rusted plate absorbs the laser evenly, good cutting can be performed. For the processing of materials with uneven rust on the surface, the surface condition of the material should be uniform before cutting.
What should I do after the stainless steel material is rusted?
In the metal cutting process, stainless steel will be rusted after cutting, and users will worry about how to deal with the rust and whether it can be disposed of. In addition, the instantaneous force of the laser on the metal surface is up to more than two thousand degrees of heat. The temperature of the metal near the heat is also 1000-500 degrees. The metal in this area will be oxidized and discolored by heat. Affected the effect of metal processing. So how should we deal with it?
1. After pickling, rinse and wipe with water to avoid secondary pollution. You can use a manual polishing machine, a thin layer, which is easy to throw away.
2. For high temperature oxidative discoloration of stainless steel can be washed away with stainless steel re-white water, using whitening water can restore the original white of stainless steel.
Here's a simple experiment you can take a look at:
After the high temperature baking, the surface of the stainless steel will become a burnt color of various colors such as gray, black, brown, yellow, blue and iron red. This color is not good-looking and has no use value. Use whitening water to restore the original white color of stainless steel.
A piece of stainless steel printed with ink, after a high temperature barbecue, the surface becomes black and brown variegated, and then immersed in re-white water for more than 1 minute to make the black ash faded sample. There are no whitish parts of several lines with ink shading.
What do you need to pay attention to when laser cutting rusted materials? I hope that this article will help everyone.
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