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Puncture point selection before metal laser cutting machine cutting

Metal laser cutting machine is a laser processing equipment with high cutting precision, fast speed, small thermal deformation, low noise and small slit. It has been widely used in sheet metal processing, chassis cabinet, sheet cutting, machinery manufacturing, auto parts. And other industries.
When machining a metal laser cutting machine, the working principle of the laser beam is: during the processing, the material forms a pit in the center of the material after continuous laser irradiation, and then the molten material is quickly removed by the working airflow coaxial with the laser beam. Form a hole, the following will briefly introduce the selection of the puncture point before cutting the metal laser cutting machine...
The selection of the puncture point of the metal laser cutting machine when processing the material determines the quality of the finished surface finish of the material after processing. Therefore, it is very important for the metal laser cutting machine to select the puncture point when processing the material. When using a metal laser cutting machine to process materials, if other parameters are normal, the following should be considered: the loss of the laser head nozzle should be replaced in time. In the case of no new nozzle replacement, the working gas pressure should be increased; when the thread at the joint between the nozzle and the laser head is loose, the cutting should be suspended immediately, check the connection state of the laser head, and re-thread the thread.
The hole is similar to the wire-cutting hole, and the laser beam cuts the material profile with the hole as the starting point of the machining. Generally, the direction of the laser beam of the flying light path is perpendicular to the tangential direction of the cutting profile of the machined part. Therefore, the laser beam will have a large angular change in the vector direction at the beginning of the penetration of the steel sheet into the contour cut of the part, ie 90° rotation in the vector direction, perpendicular to the cutting The tangential direction of the contour changes to coincide with the tangent of the cutting contour, that is, the angle with the contour tangent is 0°.
This will result in a rougher cutting surface on the cut section of the material being processed, which is mainly due to the rapid change of the vector direction of the laser beam during movement in a short time. Therefore, we must pay attention to this situation when using laser cutting parts.
Generally, when there is no roughness requirement for the surface cutting fracture of the design part, the metal laser cutting machine can be programmed without manual processing, so that the control software automatically generates the puncture point; however, when the design has a higher cutting section for the part to be processed When the roughness is required, it is necessary to pay attention to this problem. It is usually necessary to manually adjust the starting position of the laser beam during the laser cutting process, that is, manual control of the puncture point.
It is necessary to move the puncture point originally generated by the laser program to a reasonable position as needed to meet the surface precision requirements of the machined part.
The above is the selection of the puncture point before cutting the metal laser cutting machine. I hope this article can help everyone.
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