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Laser cutting machine in the automotive industry

Before introducing the application of laser cutting machine in the automotive industry, let us look at the principle of metal laser cutting machine. A laser cutting machine is a laser beam emitted from a laser, which is focused by an optical path system into a laser beam of high power density. The laser beam is irradiated onto the surface of the workpiece to bring the workpiece to a melting point or a boiling point, and the high-pressure gas coaxial with the beam will melt or Gasified metal blows away.
In recent years, China's new energy vehicles have developed rapidly, and there is a tendency to replace traditional vehicles. The country has also released new energy vehicle development plans, and supports the promotion of new energy vehicles in terms of policies. The upgrading of products will inevitably generate huge market. Space and potential, as well as new energy vehicles, it will provide a place for related equipment. Laser cutting machine is used as a supporting equipment in the production process of new energy vehicles. It has a broad market space to promote laser cutting machines. In the application of new energy auto industry, let's take a brief look at the application of laser cutting machine in the automotive industry. Let's look at it together...
laser cutting machine in the automotive industry, we all know that although China's automotive industry is developing rapidly, it still lags behind many developed countries, especially traditional cars, and domestically produced cars are basically not worthy of the brand. There is no core technology, but new energy vehicles are an opportunity, an opportunity that can make China's auto industry rise, and new energy vehicles are conducive to reducing pollution and protecting the environment. This is a development direction of the auto industry, so the development of new energy vehicles will be promoted. With a wide market potential and the metal used in the production process to be cut, metal laser cutting is undoubtedly the best choice. The laser cutting machine can cut the sheet metal efficiently and effectively reduce the sheet metal cutting of new energy vehicles. The time and cost of this link, not to mention the laser cutting machine has been developed into the era of fiber laser cutting machine, both cutting speed and cutting quality have been greatly improved, is the ideal choice for new energy vehicles to choose cutting equipment.
The ability of laser cutting machines to be applied to new energy vehicles is the perfect result, which can promote each other. New energy vehicles use laser cutting machines to improve efficiency, while laser cutting machines take advantage of the opportunities of new energy vehicles.
The VF-30 fiber laser cutting machine of Junyi is a thin metal fiber laser cutting machine developed by Junyi Laser according to the requirements of the hardware industry. It adopts gantry double drive structure, high precision rack guide transmission, WEIHONG CNC laser cutting system, high Precision anti-collision laser cutting head, reinforced welding bed, stable and reliable machine, flexible and simple operation, high-speed drilling and cutting function, professional cutting all kinds of sheet metal, precision parts, hardware tools, craft gifts and other metal materials, known as " The king of medium power and cost performance."
The above is the application of laser cutting machine in the automotive industry. I hope this article can help everyone.
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