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Does the focus affect the accuracy of the metal laser cutting machine?

Does the focus affect the accuracy of the metal laser cutting machine? The answer is yes, not only has influence, but also the focus position adjustment is one of the important factors affecting the cutting quality of metal laser cutting machine. Since the density of metal laser power has a great influence on the cutting speed, the choice of lens focal length is also an important issue. . The spot size after focusing of the laser beam is proportional to the focal length of the lens. After the beam is focused by the short focal length lens, the spot size is small, and the power density at the focus is very high, which is very advantageous for material cutting; but its disadvantage is that the depth of focus is very short. The adjustment margin is small, generally suitable for high-speed cutting of thin materials. Since the long focal length lens has such a wide focal depth, as long as the density of sufficient power is sufficient for cutting thick workpieces.
The relative position of the focus to the surface of the workpiece after determining which focal length lens is used is particularly important to ensure the quality of the cut. Since the power density is highest at the focus, in most cases, the focus position at the time of cutting is just below the surface of the workpiece or slightly below the surface. Therefore, ensuring a constant relative position of the focus and the workpiece throughout the cutting process is an important condition for obtaining a stable cutting quality. Sometimes the lens is heated due to poor cooling and causes a change in focal length, which requires us to adjust the focus position in time.
When the focus is in the best position, the slit is the smallest and the most efficient, and the best cutting speed of the fiber laser cutting machine can obtain the best cutting result.
In most applications, the focus of the beam should be adjusted just below the nozzle. The distance between the nozzle of the fiber laser cutter and the surface of the workpiece is generally about 1.5 mm.
The above is the focus of the impact of the accuracy of the metal laser cutting machine, I hope this article can help everyone.
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